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The Institute for Spritual Development, 15 Sparta Ave, Sparta, NJ 07871  *  Phone: 973-551-5300 *  email: info@isdsparta.org

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Our Most Recent Inspired Homilies
09-10-17: The Wisdom Found In Peggy Mahoney's List,  Rev. Norma Victor
09-03-17: Let Go of Any Limiting Illusions, Rev Kathy Kerston
08-27-17: Find the Perfection which is God, Rev Juan Viullagaran
07-30-17: Know Your Ture Identity, Rev Susan Cahill
08-20-17: The Benefits of Forgiveness, Rev Christina Fritsch
08-06-17: Happiness is a Choice -  Not a Result, Rev Kathy Kirsten
07-23-17: If You Never Change Your Mind, Why Have One? Rev Christina Fritsch
07-16-17: Soul Injury & The Process of Healing, Rev John Drinkard
07-09-17: Integration of Your Highest Self, Rev Norma Victor
07-02-17: One Failsafe Way to Change Your Reality, Rev Kathy Kerston
06-25-17: Recreate Your God; Recreate Your Life, Rev Juan Villagran
06-18-17: Father's Day Homily, Rev Susan Cahill
06-11-17: Cultivate Your Inner Guidance, Rev Kathy kerston
05-07-17: The Power to Choose Perfection, Rev Juan Villagran
04-30-17: The Power of Faith Over Fear, Rev Susan Cahill
04-12-17: You ARE God, Rev Norma Victor
02-19-17: COURAGE and the Transformation of Fear into Faith, Rev Christina Fritsch
02-05-17: Limiting Perceptions that Hold You Back, Rev Kathy Kerston
01-15-17: The Metaphysics of Consciousness, Rev Norma Victor
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09-17-17: The Buddha & The beggar, Rev Anne Marie Ludwig
09-24-17: The Transformational Power of Forgiveness, Rev John Drinkard
10-01-17: The Beginning of a New Era, Rev Kathy Kerston 10-01-17
10-29-17: Don't Let Perfection Interfere With Your Progress, Rev. Norma Victor
10-08-17: Be Your Divine Self In Every Moment, Rev. Susan Cahill
10-15-17: The Awakened Heart, Rev John Drinkard
11-05-17: Some People Feel The Rain, Others Just Get Wet, Rev Christina Fritsch
11-12-17: The Many Facets of Love, Rev Diana Flanagan
11-19-17 Appreciation Sunday, Gratitude for our Volunteers 
11-19-17: The Transforming Power of Gratitude, Rev. Kathy Kerston
11-27-17: Finding the Peace Within, Rev Anne Marie Ludwig
12-03-17: The Open Door To Transformation, Rev Susan Cahill
12-10-17The Importance of Cultivating Happiness, Rev Juan Villagran
12-24-17: Let Go Of What No Longer Serves You, Rev Kathy Kerston
​12-24-17: A Time for Peace, The Christmas Miracle of 1914, Rev Norma Victor
12-31-17:  Clear The Past - Embrace the Future, Rev Anne Marie Ludwig
01-07-18: Re Create The Image of Your God, Rev Juan Villagran
01-14-18: The Stories We Tell Our Self About Our Self, Rev Kathy Kerston
01-21-18: The Potential in Every Season, Rev John Drinkard
01-28-18: Your Role and Relationship with God, Rev. Norma Victor
02-04-18: Treat and Move Your Feet. Rev. Christina Fritsch
02-18-18: Meditation, Awakening Your True Identity, Robert Victor
02-18-18: What Is Your Identity?, Robert Victor
02-25-18 Your Belief is the basis of Your Reality, Rev. Kathy Kerston
03-04-18: Pain can provide Guidance for Growth, Rev. Christina Ftitsch
03-18-18: The Divine Dwells Within & Around You, Rev. John Drinkard
04-01-18: A Renewed Understanding of Yourself as Gog, Rev Norma Victor
03-25-18: The Happy Anticipating Soul, Rev Kathy Kerston
04-08-18: Affirm the Positive Aspects of Your Being, Rev Anne Marie Ludwig
05-13-18: Motherhood & the Aspects of Spiritual Growth, Rev. Norma Victor
04-22-18: The Door of Opportunity is Open NOW!, Rev Kathy Kerston
04-29-18: Hope, The Elixir of Life, Rev. Christina Fritsch
05-13-19:The Divine that IS You, is the Divine That IS Me, Rev. Anna Marie Ludwig
05-19-19: Program Positive Intentions Daily, Rev Kathy Kerston